Why being good is total BS

I prayed today that god please strike me dead if I ever tell one of my boys that they are “being good.”  I know that more than likely I will slip at some point and utter that reprehensible phrase. I know that I already have and it makes me want to throw up.  It’s so ingrained in our culture to say that “so-and-so is being so good today and ”even the less direct but still offensive “isn’t so-so-so such a good girl?”

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How to get off the hamster wheel of never enough income

If you have committed to doing it all yourself, it’s going to be a hard life full of struggle.  Period.  No exceptions. 

The vow to take care of yourself with no help from the universe, must be broken in order to make massive amounts of money.  When you have this vow, it blocks the universe from showering you with gifts.  The vow to do it all essentially says, “I will decide how much I deserve.  I will decide how much I am worth.”  Then we work really, really hard and eventually we start to feel more worthy and deserving so we allow more money into our life and then we say to ourselves, “Look, all my hard work and striving really paid off.”

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The real secret to stratospheric success

For the first 38 years of my life I lived my life pretty much the way I had been taught.  I got up in the morning, forced myself to do something I didn’t want to do, then allowed myself the remainder of the day to sort of enjoy myself.  I mean, this is the way it had always been for me.  Like the grain running through wood, that this is the appropriate way to live a life, was deeply ingrained into my psyche.

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