How in the hell Danny Devito got to be a movie star and why it matters to you

Danny Devito is short, balding and has a scratchy voice.  Nevertheless, he has had a career as an A list movie star spanning thirty plus years.  Of course, in hindsight it all makes sense.  He’s incredibly funny and unique.  That’s why he’s a big star.  But in the 70s, before his first big role, I bet it wasn’t at all obvious.  I bet a lot of people told him it was impossible.  Other movie stars of that era were the likes of Robert Redford and Tom Selleck, the stereotypical hunk. So how did short, balding, nasally Devito conquer all to become a big star that spurns everything he embodied, literally?

We live in a world that is created by our internal circumstances.  Regardless of what anyone else had to say about Devito, he felt good about himself.  Eventually his external reality reflected his internal situation. 

That’s it, the keys to the kingdom of success. 


How to figure out what you want in life

This morning I met one of my husband’s client’s at a tile showroom.  The showroom was not our store.  The client, we’ll call him Richard, had already been through all the displays at our flooring store and wanted more options and design help, or so I was told.  When I get there Richard shows me a display board that he and his wife had picked out at our store the day before.  At first I thought that was the tile they were going with.  After all, Richard tells me what tile he is using for the shower floor and wall while pointing to the tile sample he brought.  I am confused.  “Why am I here if the tile has been chosen?” I wonder.  After I drag him across the store and begin rifling through deco tiles for the wall band, Richard finally clarifies that the tile sample was only an example sent by his wife to provide color guidance.  Ok, back to square one.  We start flipping through tile displays.

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