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Have you heard of tapping? Also known as “Emotional Freedom Technique” (EFT), tapping is a self-help tool that enables people to shift their mindset and emotional state in order to achieve greater levels of mental clarity and well-being. If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress and anxiety, tap into the benefits of tapping today!

How Does Tapping Work?

Tapping uses gentle finger pressure and repetitive affirmations to help individuals release negative emotions, blockages, and limiting beliefs that can limit one’s ability to move forward in life. This technique works by stimulating certain meridian points on the body which are believed to be connected with the body’s energy system. By tapping these points, it is believed that negative energy is released while positive energy is restored.

The Benefits of Tapping

Tapping has many positive benefits including reducing stress, increasing focus, improving sleep quality, and aiding in healing physical pain. It can also help improve relationships with oneself as well as others by developing greater self-awareness, compassion towards oneself and others, emotional intelligence, courage in difficult situations, resilience during challenging times, improved communication skills, and more confidence when making decisions or taking action. Additionally, tapping can help increase motivation and productivity by providing a sense of clarity around goals or objectives.

5 Minute Tapping Exercise

To get started with tapping today try this 5-minute exercise – find a comfortable spot with no distractions and begin breathing deeply for 1 minute. Then begin tapping on each meridian point from the crown of your head down to your toes – repeating an affirmation such as “I am releasing all my worries” at each point. After completing this sequence once continue breathing deeply for another minute before ending your exercise. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times per week for the best results!

Tapping may seem like a strange practice but it has been proven time and again to provide individuals with increased mental clarity and well-being so why not give it a try? Start small by carving out 5 minutes every day or a few days to do an easy exercise like the one described above or look into other methods such as guided meditations if you feel more comfortable doing so. Don’t forget – practice makes perfect so keep at it until you feel the positive effects! There are many resources online if you need help getting started so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them today! Let's tap our way into better mental health together!


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