11 Ways to connect with your feminine power

1.              Give yourself permission to rely on your inner guidance, or instinct, as to what the next step is, as opposed to formulating a mental process to determine it.

2.              Make eye contact with and huge each of your kids at least once a day.

3.              Genuinely compliment one female friend without comparing yourself to her. 

4.              Make a list of 3 – 10 things, big or small, that you routinely accomplish, i.e. dressing your kids in clean clothes every day or making it to work on time.

5.              When you start to criticize yourself, picture the voice as Cruella de Vil and send her and her car into the lake.

6.              Picture yourself accomplishing one of your biggest goals. Ask yourself, “How will it feel?” Let yourself be flooded with those emotions and feelings. Go through the rest of the day pretending you have already reached that goal.

7.              Do one small creative act.

8.              Take a bath, with bubbles and salt.

9.              Visualize your best self. Then visualize her stepping into your shoes and your body.

10.          Change one fun thing about the way you usually look, such as different earrings, shoes, etc.

11.          Throughout the day, name your emotions as the come up and picture them passing through you and out of your body.