How to get off the hamster wheel of never enough income

If you have committed to doing it all yourself, it’s going to be a hard life full of struggle.  Period.  No exceptions. 


The vow to take care of yourself with no help from the universe, must be broken in order to make massive amounts of money.  When you have this vow, it blocks the universe from showering you with gifts.  The vow to do it all essentially says, “I will decide how much I deserve.  I will decide how much I am worth.”  Then we work really, really hard and eventually we start to feel more worthy and deserving so we allow more money into our life and then we say to ourselves, “Look, all my hard work and striving really paid off.”


And that’s one way to go about it.  But what if there’s an easier way?  A better way? Would you be open to it?


Making lots of money is about allowing yourself to be pulled towards something instead of pushing yourself to do something.  You have got to open yourself up to the possibility that the universe puts more value on you than you do.  This makes 99% of people in the middle class insanely uncomfortable. I know this because if it did not make them insanely uncomfortable then they wouldn’t be middle class.  But it’s ok that it’s an uncomfortable concept.  If I could simply tell people to value themselves more and everyone agreed and went out and did it, I wouldn’t have a job that I love. 


So let’s crab walk ourselves into this concept of breaking the vow to take care of ourselves all be ourselves by taking a cue from J.P. Getty.  Getty amassed billions in the oil business.  In 1957, he was probably the world’s richest private citizen.  His fortune is difficult to value, but it was probably around 16 billion in today’s dollars.  J.P. Getty said, “My formula for success was rise early, work late and strike oil.”


What Getty did with that approach to life was to leave the door open for the universe to work its magic.  Anyone in the business of drilling oil wells today, much less in 1914 when Getty first hit oil, knows that there is no way on God’s green earth that they can do it all themselves.   There are too many factors that are impossible to control, like finding the oil and getting it out of the ground at a price lower than what you can sell it for.


Getty admitted numerous times that “luck” played a huge factor in his life.  What Getty calls luck, I call “allowing” and anyone can do it.  Getty did other things to ensure his success.  He genuinely enjoyed his job and he followed his inner nudges, such as buying the mineral rights under a barren desert in Saudi Arabia on the Kuwaiti border in 1949, when no oil had been discovered, but the most important thing he did was to allow “luck” into his life. 


Today, the most effective thing you can do to increase your income is to start valuing yourself more.  If that’s too big of step, then take a page from J.P. Getty and rise early, work late and strike oil.  Allow for the possibility that you don’t have to do it all yourself, you can strike oil.