The number one reason you are not making enough money

I am open to receiving all joy and the pleasure that money can buy.  All of it.  Every last drop.   


Does that sentence feel wrong to you?  Are you composing arguments in your mind?  Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you feel icky?  Like you want to crawl out of your own skin?


Why?  Because somewhere along the way you’ve made a vow to take care of yourself.  To never ask for anything. To never need anything.


For most of us, the vow was made in childhood, when we discovered that needing things like love and affection and fun wasn’t safe.  People were busy, too busy to worry about us.  When their attention was turned to us, it was to teach us that we were self-sufficient, to teach us to take care of ourselves. 


This lesson was usually solidified as we became adults.  For women it was usually, “You are a feminist, you can take care of yourself, you don’t ever have to ask for anything from anyone.”  For men, it was more along the lines of, “You’re a big boy now.  You are strong.  It’s up to you.  You can do it yourself.” 


The problem is that when we have a vow, a mental program running in our subconscious to take care of ourselves, it creates an energetic block to receiving.  It closes a door, sometimes a lot of doors. 


When you have vowed to always take care of yourself, you will never be able to make enough money.  Let me say that again, you will never make enough money to feel good.  Never.  You might make a lot of money from an objective standpoint, but you won’t feel better.  You won’t feel safe.  You won't feel better because your relationship with money is completely fucked up.  And your relationship with money is completely fucked up because your relationship with yourself is completely fucked up on a deep visceral level. 


The way out is baby steps.  I used to mock baby steps.  I like drama and change.  I wanted the big dramatic changes.  This didn’t change until Baby Hayes started walking. I watched him walk all the way down our long driveway out into the cul de sac and then out towards the road, all using his little, tiny baby steps.  It didn’t take him long at all, just steady, unrelenting progress. 


The first step is to be open to a new way of seeing life, a new way of thinking.  Start saying to yourself, “I am open to receiving all the joy and all the pleasure that money can buy.  All of it.”  Then pinpoint the discomfort in your body and hold your loving attention on it until you feel it release.  That is all.  And that is enough.