Even though

Even though the house is a mess, and I don’t mean slightly untidy, I mean a nuclear meltdown type of mess, I move forward.  Even though I have other, more practical things to do like make money in a job that people actually understand, I move forward.  Even though I’m not really sure I’m moving in the right direction, I move forward anyway.


I am a student of success., other people’s mostly.  I study it obsessively – what they do, how they do it, when they do it, why they do it.  Everyone says you take the next logical step, no matter how small.  You just make the next move.  Oprah says it, so does Abraham-Hicks and even Kristina Kuzmic so it must be true.


But so often taking the next logical step is misunderstood, misconstrued and confused with such daunting concepts as meeting one’s goals.  Shudder.  Our culture is preoccupied with action.  For most, any action will do.  All that is required is that one live life at full throttle and then brag about it at the boring social functions we are all pressured into attending. We all act all the time to the point that we are exhausted down to our very bone marrow. 


The next logical step is different from most action that we take in this way – It’s the next step in showing up for ourselves.  It’s an action taken in accordance with our inner GPS system.  An action that although it probably makes us a bit uncomfortable at first, is also deeply satisfying.


We take the next logical step not because the universe needs our help.  It doesn’t.  The universe is more than capable of delivering to us what we need without any “actions” on our part.


Then why is action necessary?  Well, for some it’s not.  But for most of us, it is through action that we start to recognize and feel our own value, our own worth.  As we begin to allow this feeling, then we become a vibrational match to what we want.  Then, the universe, in accordance with natural laws, can deliver it to us.  As we become more appreciative of our own greatness, no matter what the method, we become a match to the outer things that we desire. 


This is why the next logical step is important.  The next step is for you, to nourish you, to make you feel better and as you start to feel better, you allow better things to enter your life.  So.  Tune into your instinct, intuition, inner guidance system and take a tiny bit of action today . . . even though.