I am an intuitive business and career coach.  Formerly a lawyer, I combine the skills and expertise from that life with my natural intuitive abilities to help entrepreneurs and professionals struggling with low-income, self-doubt and anxiety to explode their income, grow their confidence and expand their peace of mind.  I use a holistic approach to develop a process that will help you to not only achieve your goals and get you to a better place, but also to appreciate the joy inherent in the getting.  It is in this manner that we create the life we truly want to experience. 


My beliefs:

  • We are physical extensions of Source Energy/God.
  • Our Source is one of love, no exceptions. 
  • Life is supposed to be good for each of us, no exceptions.
  • The most important relationship is the one we have with our Source. 
  • Everything in the Universe is composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies.
  • This energy is governed by the Law of Attraction.  
  • The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.
  • Thoughts and feelings emit energy, or vibration.
  • We are always attracting the vibrational equivalent of our thoughts and feelings into our life experience.  
  • Each of us has the power to gently guide our own thoughts and feelings; and thus, control our own experience.  
  • Guidance and help with our life journey is readily available to us in many forms.
  • These forms include our own inner being/soul/higher self,  angelic beings and spiritual guides, which are willing and eager to offer their assistance. 

What Sets Me Apart

My spiritual guidance and intuition saves you massive amounts of time and money.  Other coaches will spend several sessions pushing you to identify your goals and blocks.  We will do that clearly and concretely in the first session, which I'm offering for free for a limited time!

 I will be able to zero in on exactly what you want and why you don't have it . . . yet.  There will be no worksheets to fill out where you list your strengths and weaknesses blah, blah blah.  We don't have to mine your childhood for things that you found enjoyable then.  We get to skip that.  

You see, spirit is standing by your side, ready to provide insight to clarify what you want and what is blocking you from it. You might be under the misconception that spirit/God/universe is not interested in your career.  That's not true.  You see, you were born with a internal spiritual GPS guidance system that clearly and accurately knows what your life path is in all aspects of your life, even your job.  Your internal GPS knows exactly what you should be doing career wise right now.  It's just a matter of tuning into the right channel to hear your guidance.

In this culture we are not taught to respect or listen to our guidance system.  A lot of times, we are taught the opposite, that it doesn't exist.  As a result, our signal can get muddy and mixed.  There might be a lot of static inhibiting you from hearing clearly.  You might get flashes of inspiration, or nagging feelings, but not know what to do with them. Or, you might know what you really want to do, but doubt that you could actually make a living doing it.  This is where I can help you.  I am tuned in, and with the help of my intuition and spiritual guides, I can identify your desires, blocks and the actions you can take to move you forward in your career.  

While your career is moving forward at lightening speedThe steps that move you forward the fastest always involve aligning with your highest self.  As you discover how to recognize and align with your highest self, you will tune into your internal guidance system

I would love to guide you on your path to fulfillment of your grandest dreams and your deepest desires!  If you are ready for a complete career transformation, sign up for one of my sessions! 

My Story


I'm so glad that you are here investigating my site!  I believe that this life that we are living is a fabulous journey, one that is meant to be lived with joy and fulfillment.  Sometimes we can stuck along the way, maybe in a job that's not right for us, or in a weight that's not right for us, or maybe it's a relationship that's not right for us.  

I've been in all of those places, but the one that I had the most difficult time "fixing" was the job that wasn't right for me.  I had bought in to a bunch of society's programming, hook, line and sinker.  You know the programming that tells you:

"You can't quit your job now, you have two kids to support." 

"This job is way too good to quit.  There's no way you will be able to make this kind of money doing something else that you actually enjoy.  You will be poor if you quit this job to follow your heart."

 "If I do something else, I'll just get tired of that, too, so what's the point?  I'll just stay where I am." 

"A job isn't that important anyway.  It's only part of my day.  I can gut it out."

"I went to school way too long to quit this job.  I shouldn't quit." 

I told myself all of those things and much during the last few years that I worked my former job.  But before that, I struggled with an even bigger demon - anxiety.  Every morning I woke up with a pit of dread in my stomach.  I was nervous all day every day at work.  I felt like I wasn't good enough and/or didn't know enough to do what I was doing.  I was constantly worried that I was going to screw up big.  A phone call was enough to cause me to break out in hives.  I lived the vast majority of every day in fear, even when I was at the top of my field and working with huge corporate clients.  I was always waiting for some unidentifiable other shoe to drop, and when it did things were really going to fall apart.  Talk about a buzzkill, right?

I didn't want to live this way, but I had no idea how to change it.  Most of my friends and co-workers struggled with the same generalized anxiety that I did so my immediate circle was no help.  I had tried therapy specifically for anxiety, but it didn't help either.  Basically, my therapist told me I was normal and didn't need help.  His advice consisted of having me draw three circles on a piece of paper and label them past, present and future.  I was to remind myself that everything had always worked out okay in the past circle, that everything was okay in the present circle and to remind myself that everything would be okay in the future circle.  I did this exercise about a thousand times and although it occasionally provided temporary relief, it did not help in any meaningful way.  But that was fine because there was always prescription drugs and happy hour, right?  This is how everyone else I knew was doing it. Except I didn't want to have to take a pill every day, especially one that you had to wean yourself off of slowly.  That didn't sound good, or healthy.  Happy hour was my only relief for quite awhile, but deep down I was always aware that drinking to numb your uncomfortable feelings isn't a healthy long-term solution.    Then I had a kid and I didn't want to go to happy hour anymore, I wanted to get straight home to him.  I was left to struggle with my anxiety alone.

Plus, I had this nagging feeling that I was meant for something more, something bigger than the life that I was currently living.  This knowing was with me always. I tried to ignore it, to bury it. I didn't want to acknowledge it because it was too big and scary to contemplate a career change.  It was way more convenient to just keep trudging along, doing what I was doing.  I methodically and repeatedly turned away from what I truly wanted.  I wouldn't even allow myself to acknowledge what I truly wanted.  In short, I tried to commit soul suicide.  

Fortunately, my soul was having none of it.  The knowing kept resurfacing no matter what I did.  Finally, I called out to the Universe for help.  Boy did it deliver.  It took several years and a lot of ups and downs, but I was able to literally walk away first from my anxiety and eventually from my job that I no longer found fulfilling.  I am finally aligned with my true self - tapped in, tuned in, turned on.  Along the way, I was gifted with several keys to discovering what I truly wanted and creating that, without experiencing heartache or anxiety.  

Now I am living my dream of sharing the keys and concepts I learned with others.  Are you ready to embark on this wonderful adventure together?  Along the way, we will focus on ways to drop your anxiety like the hot, burden-filled rock that it is so you can start living the way you were meant to live.  We will hone in on the career and life you truly desire and map out way to get there.  During our time together, we will identify and let go of blocks to career advancement, wealth acquisition and fulfillment that likely have been tripping you up for years.  

If you're not earning as much as you want and you struggle with self-doubt and anxiety, then this is coming at a tremendous personal cost.  Take a minute to think about the past five years of your life - what has your lack of self-confidence and anxiety cost you in terms of income?  Put a number on it.  Have there been other costs, too?  What about the personal costs?  Let yourself mull over the feeling of well-being, relaxation and sense of enjoyment that you've been missing out on.  What is this worth to you?  Try to put a number on it.  Think about the life experience that you would rather have.  What you would be, do and have if you had full confidence and pure enthusiasm for your life?  Put a number on how much money you would be making and how you would feel.  Write it down.  

It is my sincerest wish that this little exercise has given you the gift of clarity regarding what you truly want your life to be like.